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Samuel for WECA Mayor

Samuel is the Conservative Candidate for Mayor of the West of England. He lives in Windmill Hill in the South of Bristol and run a communications consultancy as well as an ethical business network working with other enterprises on issues like protecting the environment and social responsibility. He believes that his experiences working with business has given him the knowledge and expertise build a sustainable and eco-friendly post Covid recovery. He will fight for jobs that work for the whole of the West of England. Jobs that provide real career opportunities and job security. So together we...

Mark for Police and Crime Commissioner

Having spent 32 years as an Army officer, Mark Shelford has a good understanding of service life and the stresses and strains placed on those entrusted with protecting the public and their property. He values the sacrifice the whole Police community and their families make. Throughout his military service he served alongside the Police across the globe and shared their risks, from Northern Ireland to the jungles of Borneo including Afghanistan. Mark believes absolutely that the Police must be supported and cheered for by a critical friend. Post service and commercial life, Mark was the Deputy...